Tokyo Local Life Exploration (TLLE)
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海外からの観光客と、その観光客に日本のいいところを教えてあげたい日本人を対象に、 東京の美味しいレストラン、バー、クラブをご案内します! ⁂ENGLISH BELOW⁂

Every valuable memory is formed in the company of good people, and Tokyo is full of them. Whether you are a tourist, a Japanese national, or a Tokyo-bound gaijin, we want to provide you with new friends and an experience to look back on. Many different people visit here every week, and the guidebook will lead you to all the great attractions. These might be the things you will cite to your friends when your time here is up, they are easily explained. However, the true beauty of the city are its hidden jewels, the local places your guidebook doesn't mention, the local people it doesn't tell you to meet. This group is our attempt to bring everyone together and enjoy Japanese culture for what it is, what Japanese people know it to be, while providing Tokyo people with an opportunity to interact with foreigners in English.

Our favorite restaurants and bars, small and cozy places, big and loud places, theme nights, relaxing hangout evenings, for the stressed out people, for the bored, for the happy people and for the sad, for the young people, and for the slightly older, together we will have a good time, even if it's just for one night, no one is left out, and we can all enjoy the pleasures of life.

We are excited to meet you!

*hugs* from Emi & Tor, the organizers!

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